Picture of LEV-318 1.3 8-Way HDMI Splitter (Supports 3D)

LEV-318 1.3 8-Way HDMI Splitter (Supports 3D)

Model: LEV-318 Supports 1080p 1-IN 8 OUT HDMI Splitter Supports 3D Connects up to 8 different TVs

The device is designed to accept one HDMI source and connect up to eight different outputs, such as TVs, projectors and so on.  The transmitters are fully compliant with HDMI high speed 1.3B ,supports 3D and HDCP. 

HPD(Hot plug detect) circuits with Blue LED indicators identify which outputs are connected and ready to receive signals. Whenever the LED for any outputs has turned on, you can switch that output on or off individually.

1. Connects up to 8 different TVs/Projectors.

2. Supports HPD(hot plug detect) for auto switching with LEG Indicators.

3. HDMI 1.4 standards with HDCP complance.

4. Heavy duty switching power supply.

5. To switch on/off each output individually.

6. Remote Control Included

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